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PATENT NO. 11,480,267


The Mudskipper    System is the only system in the industry today which can effectively:

1.  Isolate plumbing under slab-on-voidform foundations from expansive soil movement where the plumbing is installed before the slab is poured; and,

2.  Protect transitions at isolated flexible expansion joints between isolated and non-isolated plumbing (e.g. exterior soil-supported conditions)

Where the structural engineer designs a slab over void forms, mechanical engineers should specify isolated plumbing be "pre-installed" with Mudskipper Framing or, at Contractor's option, "post-intalled" by installing isolated plumbing after the slab has been poured.



Where the structural engineer designs a slab over a crawlspace (with access to the under-floor space) or a slab over void forms (without access to the under-floor space), mechanical engineer should specify isolated flexible expansion joints, with an initial vertical offset (to accomodate future soil movement), inside Mudskipper Vaults that protect the transitions of plumbing from isolated to non-isolated conditions at the exterior of the building.

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