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Mudskipper Rods are supported by Mudskipper Stakes for the first stage of the two stage temporary supports for Mudskipper Framing.  Adjustable nuts are installed on the rods to support the Mudskipper Framing.  A series nut is typically used so that the nuts can be attached to the rods from the sides of the rod rather than having to thread the nuts to the proper elevation.  After the plumbing is suspended from the Mudskipper Framing and passes inspection, the concrete subcontractor installs the voidforms, Mudskipper Decking, vapor barrier, StegoTack Tape around the plumbing hanger rod, bolsters and rebar.  Then, the Plumber ties the Mudskipper Framing to the perpendicular rebar and removes all Mudskipper Rods.  Mudskipper Rods are fabricated so that they will protrude above the top of the slab in order to make them easily visible to the concrete subcontractor during a concrete pour if they are not removed, as a means of added quality control.

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