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Mudskipper Vaults protect plumbing that is transitioning from an isolated condition under an isolated slab to a non-isolated condition such as buried plumbing beyond the exterior of a building.  The vault houses a Flexible Expansion Joint and anchors the plumbing to the isolated gradebeams of the building with Mudskipper Clamps.  On the exterior side of the flexible expansion joint, a Mudskipper Tail inside a vertically slotted opening protects the plumbing from crushing as soil swells and shrinks.  The flexible expansion joint is installed with an initial vertical offset so that, when the potential vertical movement occurs, the plumbing will still have the minimum slope for gravity flow as required by the International Plumbing Code.

Watch a video about Mudskipper Vaults here.

Learn more about Mudskipper Vaults here.

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