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Mudskipper Retainers span horizontally accross the vertically slotted opening of a Mudskipper Vault to keep soil from infiltrating the vault.  An circular opening is cut into the plastic fluted retaining boards by the manufacturer so that the retainer boards are slipped over the Mudskipper Tails, like a collar.  Mudskipper Plug Material is bentonite, and the material is provided with the Mudskipper System.  Mudksipper Plug Material is installed past the edges of the Mudskipper Retainer so that the bentonite clay material can swell if exposed to moisture and thereby prevent any water from infiltrating the vault through the vertically slotted opening in the vault.  Bentonite material is used in lieu of traditional flashing because the bentonite material will reshape itself as the soil beyond swells and shrinks and the bentonite material will swell upon exposre to moisture to close up any cracks in the betonite material that were created by reshaping. 

Watch videos about Mudskipper Retainers here.

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