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Mudskipper Decking is a structural element that is designed to span between voidforms and distribute the load onto the voidforms.   Mudskipper Decking allows voidforms to be placed in a line on either side of a pair of Mudskipper Rods without having to cut the voidforms around the plumbing or the rods.  Conventional voidforms typically have a 1/4" thick layer of Masonite as a cover board to bridge over minor gaps in the void forms.  Mudskipper Decking interrupts the Masonite layer, but it is typically thicker than the Masonite.  Mudskipper Decking is oriented strand board (OSB) and is not exterior rated so that it will degrade over time when exposed to moisture from the subgrade.  Mudskipper Decking is marked by the manufacturer so that installers know how to properly orient the board relative to the plumbing.

Mudskipper Decking is also used to span over Mudskipper Walls, where Mudskipper Walls occur.  In this application, Mudskipper Decking supports the main layer of slab void forms.  Mudskipper Framing is used to support edges of Mudskipper Decking at corners or intersecting Mudskipper Walls.  

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