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Mudskipper Stakes are sacrificial supports for the first stage of the two stage temporary supports for Mudskipper Framing.  The stakes are driven into the ground to support Mudskipper Rods until the Mudskipper Rods are later removed.  However, the stakes remain in the ground permanently.  They are steel stakes with a chiselled end to facilitate driving them into the fround.  They are typically 18 inches long and are driven completely so that the top of the stake is flush with the subgrade. They are typically 3/4" diameter for 1/2" Mudskipper Rods and 1" diameter for 3/4" Mudskipper Rods.  They are driven into the ground with a reusalbe Mudskipper Driving Pin, which is a headed bolt that protects the hole at the top of the Mudskipper Stake.

Watch videos about Mudskipper Stakes here.

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