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Mudskipper LLC does not make or sell Mudskipper Products.  Mudskipper LLC has granted an exclusive license to VoidForm, which makes and sells Mudskipper Products.  VoidForm will provide Bidders a cost to supply the Mudskipper System components that VoidForm will provide.  Some Mudskipper System components (e.g. Mudskipper Walls) are not supplied by VoidForm.  To obtain the list of products VoidForm will provide, the minimum quantities for each, and the total cost for the minimum required order for each project, we recommend you contact Tyler McFarlin with McFarlin Construction Services at (Mobile:  915-276-5416).  Because VoidForm needs to develop an Initial Mudskipper Plan (shop drawings) in order to determine the minimum quantities and because this plan is often very helpful for Concrete Subcontractors to determine their costs (e.g. showing trench locations, widths and depths), VoidForm generally requires that Bidders send McFarlin Construction Services a set of construction documents with the highest flow line elevations allowed by code at critical locations (excluding p-traps) defined on the plans (by the Plumbing Designer or the Plumber) a minimum of 5 BUSINESS DAYS before they can provide a quote.  Therefore, it is essential that this information be provided as soon as you know about an opportunity in which the Mudskipper System may be used.


VoidForm will only sell these components to the Concrete Subcontractor that orders the voidforms themselves.  One reason for this is that some of the Mudskipper System components are to be installed by the Concrete Subcontractor (e.g. Mudskipper Decking) and some components are to be installed by the Plumber (e.g. Mudskipper Stakes & Rods).  Another reason is that this provides a means of quality control (e.g. gauge thickness for strut channels, threaded rod diameters, etc...)


The cost of preparing the Initial Mudskipper Plan for bidding purposes will be paid by VoidForm.  If the project will utilize the Mudskipper System, this cost will be included inVoidForm's total cost of Mudskipper System components for each project.  

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