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Mudskipper Walls are optional retaining walls where it is desired or necessary for the plumbing lines to be deep enough where benched excavations adjacent to the pluming may make construction difficult.  Mudskipper Walls are flowable concrete fill material, with a strength simlar to mortar.  Mudskipper Walls are generally earth formed.  The walls are installed on either side of the deeper utility lines, generally where utility lines exit the building.  It is recommended for economical construction, that the walls be installed before piers and gradbeams so that these utilitarian walls are dug and filled in one continuous operation without any impediments from piers or gradebeams.  There are no dowels protruding up from these walls.  Contractors can drive over these walls to install piers and gradebeams as long as the soil between them remains in place.  After piers and gradebeams are installed, the concrete subcontractor excavates the soil between the walls to allow the Plumber to install the plumbing using Mudskipper Stakes, Rods and Framing.  Mudskipper Decking spans accross the walls to support the voidforms.

Detailed drawings and descriptions of Mudskipper Walls can be found here.

Learn more about Mudskipper Walls here.

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