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Mudskipper LLC is a limited liability company, 100% owned by Benchmark "Ben" Harris (the Inventor) and based in the Fort Worth area of Texas. 


Ben is also the Vice President of Engineering for Huckabee & Associates, Inc ("Huckabee").  Huckabee is a national Architectural & Engineering firm that focuses exclusively on designing learning environments (including many public schools and universities).  Through Huckabee and other industry associations, Ben became aware of how significant a problem it has been for Owners when non-isolated plumbing is specified under isolated slabs where expansive soil is present.  Seeing this need, he began the work of inventing, which led to successful tests, prototypes, and real-world applications on Huckabee projects.  To allow other Architecture and Engineering firms to properly use Ben's invention for Owners nationally when licensed products are purchased, he obtained a patent and created Mudskipper LLC to license his intellectual property to manufacturers.  Huckabee has no association with Mudskipper LLC, Ben's inventions (the Mudskipper System) or licensed manufacturers.  Huckabee does not require that the Mudskipper System be used on any projects.  And, Huckabee has even waived any rights of ownership of Ben's inventions because Huckabee simply wants Owners everywhere to have access to Ben's technology if they want it, because it solves a very real problem.  This in turn helps Huckabee's Clients as the industry becomes more familiar with and more efficient in applying Ben's inventions.  To avoid even the appearance of a conflict of interest on Huckabee projects, Ben has entered into separate written agreements with Huckabee and licensed manufacturers so that he cannot collect any licensing fees on those projects.  Through his ownership of Mudskipper LLC and his licensing agreements, Ben has secured certain provisions for the public that will guide others in how to properly apply his inventions to projects, while allowing him to focus full-time on his career with Huckabee.  For example, Licensed Manufacturers are required to provide free technical assistance to designers and provide free shop drawings for contractors during bidding.  (The price for these items is rolled into the product price if purchased.)


We do not make, use or sell products associated with our inventions.  Our company grants licenses to Manufacturers to make, use or sell Mudskipper's inventions on projects.  


A mudskipper is a fish that walks on land and jumps up in the air!  If a fish can jump off the ground, why can't your plumbing?    


The Inventor is Benchmark "Ben" Harris.  He is a Professional Engineer in Texas, with 25 years of design experience nationally.  He has practiced as a Structural Engineer, Geotechnical Engineer, and Civil Engineer with his primary area of practice as a Structural Engineer in areas with expansive soil.  He has also worked under the supervision of Architects, Mechanical Engineers, Electrical Engineers, Registered Professional Land Surveyors and Construction Materials Engineers in those areas.  His experience includes the design of new construction and renovations for traditional design/bid/build and design-build projects.  He also has experience in multi-disciplinary forensic investigations and designs of remediations.  He has designed work for institutional, commercial, industrial and residential markets and has experience as an expert witness in litigation.  He is also a LEED Accredited Professional.


Questions can be submitted to the email address below.    

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